Harvest Moon Ritual

Kasepuhan Cisungsang is one of five indigenous groups in South Banten who maintain their ancestral culture consistenly. Kasepuhan Cisungsang’s residents live in foot of Halimun Mountain, District Lebak, Province Banten. Its population reaches 2.300 and majority of them are Moslem.

They live in this area since 700 years ago. They also are known as indigenous group who maintain their environment. Harvest Moon Ritual (they call Seren Taun) like be shown in this film is proof that indigenous group chairman and his residents maintain balancing life between human and God, between human and nature, and between human and others.

To maintain balancing life between human and nature: they instill indigenous rules related to environmental preservation very strict. For example in farming, they would not open a new area if they didn’t get permission of indigenous group chairman. Therefore, it is difficult to find new land in this area.

They maintain and maximize the results of the existing land. Also they didn’t use chemicals to increase of agricultural output. In fact, the water system was completely dependent on rain and water from the mountain.

It could last for hundreds of years, because they are not greedy. They are very satisfied to live by relying on existing crops. They were living in a very simple pattern of society and away from the rules of modern society.

Key word of this story is harmony. They keep the harmony as main colour their life. This is goal point of this film: explanation about group of people who are doing something positive for the environment.

Directed and Written by: 
Produced by: 
Executive Producers: 
syaiful HALIM & Ratna S. Halim 
 Production Designer:
Edited by: 
Production Manager: 
Production Assistant: 
Arlin Nursophiana
Music by:
Angklung Buhun Kasepuhan Cisungsang
Kecapi Suling Kasepuhan Cisungsang

Festival Film Indonesia Berkemajuan 2016 (nominee)
Industry Boost Competition 2016 (finalist)
Super 9 Mobile Festival 2016 (semi-finalist)
 6th Annual iPhone Film Festival 2016 (semi-finalist)  
IndieWise Free Virtual Festival 2016
New York Jazz Film festival 2016
2nd Asia International Youth Short-Film Exibition 2016
Fajr International Film Festival 2016
Festival Internacional de Cine con Medios Alternativos 2016
Cineplay Film Awards 2016
Digital Box Office Awards – Screening Series 2016
Telkomsel 5-Minute Video Challenge 2016
Festival de Cortometrajes "Jose Francisco Rosado" PACAS


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