Nightfly 2

Mawar, Melati, Kembang, Teratai, Siti, and other are street prostitutes in suburb of Jakarta. They are between 20-50 year-old. They offer their body in side of street all night.

Please, watch faces of old women or young women, and if need, you can enjoy her body with 300K or 500K! This is their real life! 

This film describes one of hundreds social problems in this country: PROSTITUTION! Prostitution is like the circle of satanic which never finish.  And they are part of 160.000 nightfly in this country!

Directed by: Asrizal Rizki Akbar 
Executive Producers: Terrizqo A. Sutansyah & Ferrizqo B. Sutansyah
Produced by: Wuri Dwi Nurcahyani
Director of Photography: Yugo Dwi Prasetio 
Additional Cinematographer: Terrizqo A. Sutansyah 
Production Designed by: Adinda Assyfa Kamalia

 Bodhisattva International Film Festival 2017


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